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Latest News

  • Chartering fraud

    BIMCO is aware that fraudsters, previously mainly trying to trick owners into paying large amounts by way of “liner in costs”, have expanded their “business” into time charter. Owners should be vigilant and at all times ensure they know their counterpart.

  • Supplytime 2017: Revolution or Evolution?

    Leading London law chambers gives “top marks to BIMCO” at seminar on new edition of SUPPLYTIME offshore support vessel charter party.

  • Shipping KPIs Monthly News August 2017

    The Shipping KPIs August news shows how Help and Support works. The Help Q&A covers major functions of Shipping KPIs and frequently asked questions which is very useful for new users.

  • Riyadh MoU to start concentrated inspection campaign on crew familiarisaton for enclosed space entry

    The Riyadh MoU initiates concentration inspection campaign  on crew familiarisation for enclosed space entry

  • Wildlife taskforce alert

    Please find attached the 15 August 2017 United for Wildlife Transport Taskforce Alert, concerning falsified names on shipping documentation. 

  • Weekly piracy reports and analysis

    Read the latest maritime security news making headlines throughout the world.

  • BIMCO eLearning dramatically refreshed

    NYPE 2015 and Chartering courses showcase new training offer. BIMCO has launched the first of a range of updated eLearning courses tailored to meet shipping professionals’ needs, using the very latest content authoring technology and platform.  

  • Join BIMCO at the Maritime Security Symposium

    Join BIMCO's Head of Maritime Security, Phil Tinsley at the SCEG Maritime Security Symposium on Wednesday 13 September in the City of London.

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